"DRAGONSSSSSSS!!!!!!" -Jimmy
Jimmy's Beautiful Emerald Eyed Broken Winged Angel

Les Paul Custom in Pelham Blue with Bigsby
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I can’t stop watching this…..
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most people without one don’t understand how exhausting anxiety disorders are, it’s like being taken in by quicksand only instead of pieces of sand pulling you under, it’s different worries that are completely irrational and most of the time we know they’re irrational and stupid but we just can’t stop them

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Every road trip you have one person in the group lagging behind , geee I wonder who it is ?

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Trying to act enthusiastic about things when I’m really depressed




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Les Paul Custom Figured in Burnt Rust
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  • Me: "I self taught my self on the guitar ..."
  • People : " you are ???!! That's awesome !!"
  • Me: "..."
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